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fingerless_gaelic_football_glove_blue_fingerless_gaa_glove.jpg fingerless blue gaa glove


Fingerless Gaelic Football Glove - Blue

Product Number: FGLOVE-BLUEA



Our recent GAA Glove survey highlighted that many players found that the full latex glove very uncomfortable and they lost much of the touch and feel off not using gloves.

We have produced this new concept to help with the problem. The new glove will offer good grip while still allowing for a great touch on the ball.

The glove allows a better range of movement and is less restrictive than the full glove.

Obviously air flow around the hand is much better and the overall comfort of the glove is much improved.

When to Use the new Glove?

Best used on 'damp' days of drizzle or a wet pitch. 

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