BCG Kids Red GAA Football Glove

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These gloves have been designed by one of the top GAA Football marksmen of the last 10 years in Ireland - Benny Coulter.

Famed for his great catching ability Benny has designed a glove made of the highest grade latex palm and with a lyca back, providing ultimate grip while remaining lite on the hand.



The glove has been tested by many of the top players who now exclusively use the glove in club and county games.

Benny says.........



" We have listened to the problems many players have found with gloves currently available. The glove palm now has a new German designed latex compound providing better durability as well as great grip. It has a breatable lycra backing, strong velcro fastening for secure fit and the stitching on this new glove is very strong. Overall it is an incredibly light and responsive glove"

Endorsed by many inter county footballers including Paddy Bradley of Derry and Kevin McKernan of Down.

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